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Information system

About it

Audioutdoor Information System is an advanced platform which manages the inventory Audioutdoor’s businesses: the complete Database of the panels in each media type and city. It is composed by three distinct areas:
– the first one for the data update from the enterprises
– the second one for the coordination of them from Audiotdoor
– the third one for the complete display of the inventory accessible by companies, agencies and media center.

Inventory consultation

This platform offers innovative, simple and immediate tools, like a Dashboard, for graphical display of panel assets. Anagraphic details, locations on map and Geobox for advanced geographical researches are included as well.
It also incorporate Panel Pivot (Pivot Impianti), a powerful statistical tool for analyzing and grouping panel data. It provides users with a detailed and comprehensive view of their advertising campaigns.


Interactive dashboard

The system includes an intuitive dashboard that graphically displays the assets of advertising panels. This tool makes the access to essential data quick and easy, improving campaign management. 

Panel map

Users can view specific details of the panels, anagraphic data and geographical locations included, via an interactive map. This enables more precise and strategic campaign planning.


The system offers GEOBOX, an advanced geographic research tool, which enables users to explore and analyze geographic areas of interest in detail.

Panel pivot

PANEL PIVOT (PIVOT IMPIANTI) is a powerful statistical tool for analyzing and grouping plant data. This allows to provide users with a complete view about the performances and effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.