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Evaluation across different media types

Audioutdoor measures the audiences of the different Out-Of-Home media types. 

Each of one of these media types has its own specific investigation in order to grasp its peculiarities, but all of them are measured with the same basic conventions. This allows to have one single platform which is able to provide an overall result on the OOH communication plan. The result is net of duplication.


The output of the research is the tracking of the movements of individuals cross-referenced with each individual geo-referenced location. This is done using technological tools and allowing the evaluation of contacts, coverage, frequency, GRP, and duration of exposure of a communication plan on the different areas of the medium. The system analyzes the contribution to the campaign by each individual city, company (IGP, IGPDecaux, IPAS, and UrbanVision), circuit, target affinity, frequency distribution, and the results achieved on individual days of campaign duration using post-evaluation seasonality.


At Audioutdoor, we believe each media type requires a unique approach. Whether urban, airport, or metropolitan spaces, our strategies are tailored to maximize impact in each media type. For roadside media type, we focus on visibility and message resonance. In dynamic media types (ex: buses, tramways), we use advanced technologies to capture the attention of moving audiences. Our methodology is a balance of creativity and analysis, ensuring that each campaign reaches its target audience in the most effective way.

Post evaluation

Thanks to Telco’s daily data (for roadside and dynamic media types), to census data from Assaeroporti (for airports) and to major local public transport companies (for metro stations), daily correction factors can be calculated in order to give the timely trend of the assessment over the period under consideration. There is also the possibility to obtain a post evaluation document of gross contacts over the reporting period.



The world of OOH advertising is full of specific terms. To help you navigate this universe, we have compiled a comprehensive glossary. From ‘audience’ to ‘visibility,’ each term is explained precisely and concisely, giving you a clearer understanding of the Media OOH language.

API INtegration

Application Programming Interface

It is an interface to access the research directly from own internal systems, without having to go through the application, transferring to the system all the specific details of theevaluated OOH communication plan.

You need to download the updated codings, launch the evaluation by specifying: target, media type, licensee and facilities/circuits/areas, and finally receive the results table in xls or xml format.