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Seven new companies join Audioutdoor: Alessi, A.P.A., Mediamond, Pikasso, Quadro Advertising, Pubbliesse and LLInvestments

Seven new companies join Audioutdoor: Alessi, A.P.A., Mediamond, Pikasso, Quadro Advertising, Pubbliesse and LLInvestments
22 April, 2024 | audioutdoor

Seven new companies operating in the out of home sector have joined Audioutdoor for the audience measurement of roadside, dynamic, airport, metro stations, and highways advertising.

Alessi, A.P.A., Mediamond, Pikasso, Quadro Advertising, Pubbliesse, and LLInvestments (the latter three are part of Local Leader company) will join IGP spa, IGPDecaux, IPAS, and UrbanVision and will provide brands and media agencies with audience data, contacts, and OTS to plan with super partes information guaranteed by the presence in the corporate structure of UPA and UNA representing advertisers and communication agencies.

The company’s information system will also be enriched by these new entries, offering a broader inventory distributed throughout Italy and allowing for the selection of larger areas with national coverage. In fact, the strengths of the new companies lie in broader coverage, especially in Southern Italy, Sicily and Sardinia, in Rome and Milan and in the North East with both digital screens and classic billboards, covering all environments that the medium makes available to advertisers and agencies (not only roadside but also dynamic and metro stations).

Audioutdoor has always worked to provide the market with what UPA President Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi reiterated at the conference on January 24th: “Having shared but above all homogeneous data for each medium. The Audis fulfill this commitment.”

The entry of new companies with solid and important assets and with guaranteed transparency is greeted with great satisfaction by advertisers and media agencies that are placing increasing importance in their choices on unambiguous and precise data as Audioutdoor is able to provide.

Audioutdoor President Giovanna Maggioni said: “We are confident that with these new entries we have contributed to providing a concrete and significant response to the numerous requests for expansion with an ever more extensive coverage of Italy”.

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