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THE OUT OF HOME is growing in the first nine months of the year.

THE OUT OF HOME in the first nine months of the year has a growth of 11.6%, reaching 4.9% share of total advertising investment.¬†Audioutdoor's Graph In an advertising market that…

15 November, 2023 admin

Lisbon Congress

The WOO Lisbon congress was a huge success, drawing, for the first time, over 500 delegates from across the national OOH landscape. This year saw delegates travel from New Zealand,…

09 June, 2023 admin
Press Releases 

Releasing updates on Airport and Metro station media types.

Audioutdoor's efforts to inform and update the advertising market continue. As of today, data for Airports and Metro stations are available, reworked on the final passenger count for the year…

02 May, 2023 admin
Press Releases 

Out-of-home advertising investment growth continues also in February

Even in the months of January and February advertising revenues of out-of-home companies registered an increment higher than the one of the other media, closing the year 2022 with a…

18 April, 2023 admin
Press Releases 

Advertising investments in the Out-Of-Home are still growing

With the medium's share of the total market reaching 4.3% in the year-to-date as of April, advertising investment in Out-of-Home once again grew 24.9% against a market that grew 2.4%…

10 April, 2023 admin
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